Exo-Flex skins provide custom protection for your cell phone, mobile electronic device or video game system. Custom created skins, graphics and decals offer scratch protection for screens and phone accessories. With screen protectors available for your cell phone, laptop, netbook, iPhone®, iPod®, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, MacBook®, Nintendo®DS™ or 3DS™, PSP®, you can place decals and protective skins to your favorite electronic devices to offer scratch protection. Also, not only do Exo-Flex cell phone skins, decals and covers offer scratch protection, but you can create your own graphics with the Exo-Flex Skinner App. Simply choose the cell phone, laptop, iPhone®, iPod® or other electronic device you own and upload your own graphics to create the perfect phone accessory in the form of a protective decal. Use www.exo-flex.com for all your screen protector, phone accessory and skin & decal needs! Exo-Flex, Exo-Guard, Skinner, SnakeSkin and the Exo-Flex, Exo-Guard and Skinner logos are registered trademarks of Exo-Flex. Other product names, logos and/or company names used on this site are trademarks of their respective owners. These products are not endorsed, manufactured, produced, sponsored or licensed by Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Sega Corporation, Energizer, Major League Soccer, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Resarch In Motion Ltd., Nintendo, Samsung Corp, HTC, Barnesandnoble.com llc, LucasFilm Limited, Google Inc., Orajet, or Motorola Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. Mitch O'Connell the Mitch O'Connell logo used with permission. ©2010-2011 EXO-FLEX.
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